The English theme ‘TES’ for ifgogo blog is now released publicly

UPDAET on Oct 29:

The new look should be totally different as this blog. And if you have any questions, please mail to awflasher at gmail dot com, with a subject containing “WordPress-TES-Help”.

UPDATE on July 25:

I’ve fixed the bugs and added gravatar support (native interface provided by WordPress2.5)

Well, I’ve been asked many times to release an English version of The Enhancing Spring (TES) theme. Now it’s available for everyone to use. As long as you’ve got a WordPress installed, you can try it.

The latest(1.50) URL of this theme for downloading is here. And be aware that you’ll need a customized BTC plugin to get everything work well. The customized BTC is here.

FYI: The Chinese version has been released for a while from 1.2 to 1.5, however, this is the first time to release this English version (1.4) of TES. (No updated to 1.5)

Some features of this theme:

  • 2-Column auto-fit layout
    automatically fits the screen size. For users with IE6+/Firefox1.5+/Safari 3+ and Opera9+ they width would be very proper for reading. (The max-width would not be working in IE6 but I don’t wanna make some JavaScript/Expression hacks cause it’s not smart to eat even more resources on a computer still running “IE6″
  • Widget support
    The widget feature since WordPress 2.3 is available in this theme, and you can also make a completely customized sidebar
  • jQuery involved
    is involved to make the interactive stuff more smooth. All the textareas/text inputs appeared in your page will be more interactive: Try to hit this
  • High efficiency, faster speed
    They XHTML/CSS and JavaScript files, even some pictures used in our stylesheets are well re-arranged and packaged. It will save your traffic.
  • Better interactive experience
    Now the comment system is changed a bit, just take a look at this screenshot:
  • As light as possible
    Not only the code are well re-packaged and arranged, the design of this theme is as light as a theme can be. You can easily custom it without much technical skills
  • Enhancement to 1.2
    Better sidebar look than 1.2 version, take a look at this screenshot

Something to improve later

  1. Add a “relative posts” to post pages
  2. Make the XHTML more validate
  3. Make the color-scheme more accessible if you wanna make some customized blog
  4. Make the involved jQuery more independent that you may even use a Google hosted one to cut off your traffic
  5. What do you think :) ?

21 thoughts on “The English theme ‘TES’ for ifgogo blog is now released publicly

  1. I like the style of related post in your own blog very much, and i make it base on jQuery by myself. But it don’t work as well as i think.
    When i open my site, it must load a 56k js file, and the big file make my blog slow down.
    So, I hole the next version of TES can procide the style code of related post on single post, thank you
    PS: My writen english isn’t so good. typing this comment in english is hard for me. I hope you can guest the meaning….^_^

  2. Okay. I will consider it. Thanks for your promoting.
    It just takes some time to dive into the new tags of WordPress 2.5+

  3. I can’t download the customized BTC (the error message says “This user is not allowed to use direct links.”) and I can’t find it on the either. Can you tell me how to download this? The theme is really nice but comments don’t work right now. Thanks.

  4. I’ve updated the theme (and put the zip package within the theme together) in WordPress’ Theme repository. But it needs a “review” to be made public.

    I also tried the links from, both the theme and the plugin are okay.

    Anyway, I think it’s time to make a normal comment system that can work without the plugin. I will try my best :)

  5. Oh the thing was my fault, I was blocking cookies. Now that I allowed cookies from, I can download. I’ll install the plugin, thanks for looking into this. :)

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