Youtube is finally blocked in China (updating)

Update on Mar 23: Now it’s blocked again :( – even with OpenDNS, I cannot access Youtube in Beijing!

Update on Mar 07: Now the block has been removed, we’re still now sure why this happened. I really hope that we could stop updating this post by now.

Update: Now Youtube is finally, finally, completely unable to access even in Beijing (northern China). Fuck GFW!

Well… many friends told me (via IM and Twitter)  that Youtube, the most popular video sharing site is now blocked in southern China. The ISP is China Telecom, which covers mostly in southern China.

I am so sorry to hear this news. It’s such a sad March. As far as I know, Youtube (Google) is doing a very great job in China and paid a lot for a CDN in China. Not matter what ISP you use, Youtube is as fast as any local video site. And the most outstanding feature is that Youtube offers a “embeddable” version with smooth fullscreen-mode and search support!

PS: Fortunately, I’m in Beijing now, so I can still visit Youtube. But I am not sure whether I can still enjoy the clips from Youtube tomorrow.

God bless Youtube!

16 thoughts on “Youtube is finally blocked in China (updating)

  1. Well, I did not and never mean that I expected so.

    Ironically, people were discussing about the death of Youtube for a long time around, not only Youtube, but also, twitter, facebook, … everything you can imagine!

    There is NO solution for GFW :(

  2. Confirmed. I can’t access it from Jiangsu Province at all today. I could yesterday no problem.

  3. According to inventorspot dot com it looks like it’s only temporary – a preemptive block for the anniversary of the T_bet riots.

  4. I just tried here in Jian, Shandong province and I could access it. I guess that HAND isn’t coming here yet… haha..

  5. Hehe~ ))
    It’s permanent situation with internet in Russia – something don’t work, something unreachable…
    Chinese have not used to such situations xDDD

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  7. The idea is cool but would u please provide us more about your ideas there?

    FYI, it seems to be too slow to access. I waited for minutes and there’s only a title loaded :(

    I just uploaded a video to youtube yesterday. But now I can’t even watch it.

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