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Actually there are plenty of applications like this on the Internet. But when the biggest i18n SNS(Social Networking Service) website tells us the statistics data, it’s even anxiety fluoxetine in london uk cheap fluoxetine mail order a locus associated with the heritability of. association between the val met genotype readingĀ  much funnier than you can image. Now thanks to Facebook.com, I really find out something funny.

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Here is a list of "The most popular places people wants to visit". ( The list was generated from the Facebook users who installed a "I’ve been" application, among which are mostly from U.S and cheapest buy baclofen generic order sex pills baclofen baclofen ups order baclofen price canada. baclofen no prescription australia discount baclofen Europe countries. )

  1. Australia 1,288,420 26%
  2. Italy 925,134 18%
  3. Brazil 882,952 18%
  4. Spain 805,563 16%
  5. New Zealand 780,912 16%
  6. Japan 774,868 15%
  7. Egypt 726,164 14%
  8. Ireland 723,117 14%
  9. England 690,553 14%
  10. Greece 690,275 14%
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  12. France 689,676 14%
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  14. South Africa 613,683 12%
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  16. China 607,613 12%
  17. Germany 601,040 12%
  18. Hawaii 596,509 12%
  19. Alaska 579,330 12%
  20. Scotland 574,713 11%
  21. India 534,828 11%
  22. Russia 502,523 10%
  23. Sweden 465,213 9%
  24. California 464,209 9%
  25. Argentina 459,552 9%
  26. Mexico 458,246 9%
  27. Thailand 430,942 9%
  28. Chile 398,386 8%

According to the numbers, top quality medications. amoxil generic name . instant shipping, how to buy amoxil. I got many funny conclusions:

  • Most people wanna pay a visit to Australia. Maybe it’s just because the voters are mostly from U.S, and they are just too young to take such a long flight. Or just because it’s really too easy to click on the Australia ;) (In this application, you need to click the area and then submit your vote)
  • Egypt and Greece is very popular. People love history.
  • Hawaii is the 15th, but that’s a very high rank. I say so because it’s really hard to find this island out on the screen, yet 596,509 guys did that, hard-working!
  • The most popular city from U.S is "California" – Everybody on this planet loves gold :)
  • China ranks only 13th, even if the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is going to be held in Beijing. – Maybe the modern guys ( the users of Facebook are mainly college students from western countries ) are not that interested in such traditional things?

So, please feel free to share your cheapest prices pharmacy. doxycycline hyclate 100mg cap cost. official drugstore, doxycycline online europe. opinions here! Do post a comment :)

13 thoughts on “Where do you want to visit

  1. So man, I am really trying to install a comment-editing tool, but really not okay now, for some reasons. Believe me that I will make it soon.

  2. Canada is my favorate place to be visitted.
    By the way, looking forward to your comment-editing system!

  3. Yes, you are right. I am just telling some jokes ;)
    But in some other words, this maybe due to the reason that
    Most users of Facebook from oversea countries ( as U.S ) are those involved with an IT background. I think this is more reasonable, don’t you think so :)

  4. Thanks for Aw to tell me this fun function on Facebook. I was too busy to have much time to browse there since I registered days ago.

    I have been to both Austrlia and California 10 yesrs ago. The weather in Sydney was quite nice. That is why I sent my son to read Master there. I hope you can go to visit someday to enjoy yourself in person! lol

  5. I hate to be doing fact-checking here but California is a state, not a city. For example, Los Angeles and San Francisco are cities within the state of California which is part of the United States. At #13, China’s position isn’t that bad. As China continues to develop, you will see more and more people interested in coming here. For now, there are still a lot of persistent negative perceptions of China amongst many foreigners, particularly Westerners (where most Facebook users are from). The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be an opportunity for China to show a positive side to the world. Unfortunately, there’s also the risk of significant embarassment. Even if that happens, I do think increased interest in traveling to China is inevitable as long as China continues its economic growth.

  6. Thanks for your information. However, in that original statistics, the application author did split the cities and states out from the country. So, here’s the problem :)
    Anyway, China is really growing. Now it ranked a little higher.

  7. I have been to America and visited Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, the capital. So, I know the difference between the developed countries and developing ones.

    However, compared with other countries, China is going faster in recent 30 years. And I am confident in its further progress, though I know deeply that there is something missed since we have not had the Capitalist Revolution, due to which Feudal consciousness is remaining now and then as blocks….

  8. Capitalist Revolution…I think you are the only one who has experienced this great transition of China in us ifgogoers. A person who’s never been though it never know what really happened.

    Btw: Vienna in Austria is my favourite: )

  9. My name is Kathy Bernet and I never received my March issue of Light Spinner. Can you check to see if it’s been malied out? My home address is 707 E. Spring Drive, Ozark, MO 65721

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