Awsome video from China, a small airplane (Shanzhai Glider) made by a farmer in China

Update on June 28:

There’s now another video with some other perspectives of this plane. So, I don’t think it’s fake:

The name of the author is "Bin Xu", aka "徐斌" in Chinese. Due to his flight been judged "improper" in China by some department, I cannot find any of his material now. But I will try to update this post. Thanks for understanding and I have to say, if the previous video offend you guys, this video may regarded as an ‘apologize’.

Another near look of this cute stuff:

A screen shot here:

The video here: (Thanks to and

I’ve been very busy with some private stuff recently. Sorry for no news for a while. Of course, I am also working on the code behind ifgogo project. And there will be a very fair "rewarding system" for every author.

Today, I’m gonna share you something popular on the internet in China. Here is an awesome and popular-spread video about a farmer’s DIY airplane. And it has a very cool name among Chinese people: "Shanzhai huaxiangji".

It’s a funny story and let me tell you here:

Shanzhai, aka 山寨 in Chinese, means "little mountain village"; "Huaxiangji", aka 滑翔机 in Chinese, means "glider". I use airplane here just to let you know that’s something flying on the air ;)

So why people say that the stuff is coming from some villages? Sounds weird? Well, it turns to another story in China. Date back to 2007, due to an open(maybe leak?) source of MTK platfrom (a wireless communication development platform), there are millions of cell phone factories burst out in south China. These factories made lots of famous-brand cell-phone-copies in a short period of time. They just copied the outline and software design from Nokia, Apple iPhone etc. The manufacturing cost is very low so many people are involved. However, these cell phones are not all completely copied. They are even totally redesigned and added a lot of features. A brand called "NCIKA" even went very popular in China. People’re even joking that the farmers in big mountains can develop and design a cell phone too. So many people call it "Shanzhai Ji" (Ji, aka 机, means machine in Chinese, here means cell phone) and then the name is widespread in China.

Since then, many funny/weird stuff from ordinary people are called "shanzhai" something, and that’s why this plane is named "Shanzhai Huaxiangji" in Chinese :)

45 thoughts on “Awsome video from China, a small airplane (Shanzhai Glider) made by a farmer in China

  1. awesome. reminds me of the guy in beijing who makes the robots. do you know WHERE in china this is? i want to go meet him. and, of course, ask him if i could have a go.

  2. It gives common people many fun I think!

    Chinese people are mostly clever and brave, I can also see this great nature by such “Shanzhai creations”….

  3. Hi, everyone, this is Eva. Aw recommend me to come over here and say hello to you guys.
    This airplane reminds me of the hot shanzhai ppc phone. It’s really cute.
    But i don’t wanna have this phone. I’m expecting iphone to come out soon.

  4. DIY stems from inspiration and ingenuity.
    We are living in a world which values innovation and creation.
    We are experiencing an era that gives rise to fantanstic ideas and thoughts.

  5. I believe this is not an airplane at all, but instead a gyrocopter.(They are also called autogyros.) Look them up on youtube.

  6. That’s brilliant…

    Aw Guo, could you post something once you find the inventor’s name or if you find more information on his airplane? I work at the Experimental Aircraft Association, and I’m sure some of my coworkers would like to learn more about his creation.

  7. This video is a hoax. I don’t think it was even dragged by another plane. I am pretty sure the guy was sitting in front of a green screen with a large fan blowing on him. This is really obvious at the end of the video where the pilot “lands” at around 4:02 into the movie. The video behind the pilot rocks back and forth like a Cessna (with a video camera on its rear) would due to its smaller landing gear in the back.

    Even the comments left on this page sound fake…

  8. Kevin? What kind of name is that? A fake name, like Michael, or Naggana… Nagawana… like Mike.

    It’s from a movie, starring Jackie Chan, called, Shenzhou Bjornstrom, or “Crazy Gwai-Lo are so stupid, everything is fake, because all reality is Matrix”.

    Seriously, go out and do something.

  9. This is actually a gyrocopter, and is real footage as my brother flies a gyro and has almost exactly the same sort of footage from the front looking back, and also the shake in the control stick is the same as when flying a machine where the rotor blades are not quite perfectly balanced. By the way I also fly a single seat highwing ultralight plane and also have footage of my brother in flight in his machine. Good on the farmer I say!!!! Flying is the best thing since sliced bread.

  10. Hoaxes are always a possibility. However, it seems more likely that a farmer could get the materials needed to create this home-grown flying craft and then risk his life flying it, than to think that someone would go find a blue screen or green screen and spend the production time in the studio to fake this just to create a viral video…

  11. I am a pilot in the US and agree that this looks 100% like a real autogyro. I have seen them fly before, and they fly exactly like this (long takeoff roll, “slipping” turns, very short landing).

    I think in American English slang we would translate “shanzai” as “redneck.” Rednecks are simple country people up in the mountains who come up with all sorts of crazy things like this.

  12. This is a helicopter, not a glider, you fucking idiot. And his name is Xu Bin, not Bin Xu. You’re stupid.

  13. Sorry it should be helicopter, but is it meaningful to argue whether we should put the last name in front of or after the first name?

  14. It’s not a helicopter either, its an autogyro. BIg difference in that the main rotor of an autogyro is unpowered and it has a powered pusher prop at the back. I’m guessing a two stroke given the high pitched, high rev sound of the engine.

  15. Sorry I didn’t see the first video. The first is a helicopter, the rest are autogyros.
    One comment I would make though is that the autogyro looks like it could be lacking in longitudinal stability – a common problem amongst amateur designed gyros and a major contributory factor to the high accident rate amongst these aircraft. Adding a long tail boom with a large horizontal stabiliser is a good solution to this problem, of course the CG position must be given careful consideration also. The ELA-07 Gyro is a good example of this.

  16. We have to admire the man not hate on him.I live in Europe and from my estimate, its the regulations here that encumber these sorts of development.

    People are tied up by the system thats designed to protect us.

  17. the man flying it is Chen Zhao Rong a poor farmer with only a primary school education who had always dreamed of flying.

    he made and welded all the body parts himself, checking his design against photos on the internet and bought a second hand motor. overall the cost amounted to about RMB70,000 (less than US10,000)

  18. This is great I’ve always wanted to fly a helicopter but to make one yourself is fantastic. I’d kill to know how he made that .

  19. I can believe it. The materials needed to get airborne are not that difficult. It would just require a basic understanding of aerodynamics and planning (or trial and error)

  20. I think I have met him some years ago, He came to Hong Kong and we talk about his helicopter which the parts and components are imported from Italy.

    I told him this is not a proper way to fly the helicopter.

  21. It’s awesome that people try to do cool stuff like that. What he made is called autogiro, and was invented by a Spanish engineer in 1923, considered the first concept of helicopter.

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